Frequently Asked Questions

Qdero connects the students to best mentors across the world completely free of cost.
Please write to in case you want to cancel a scheduled appointment
The appointments will be conducted using Google Hangouts in case of video conference or via phone if you opt for audio conference.
Mentors have been provided with the authority to accept or reject any appointment hence requesting an appointment doesn’t confirm the same. In case your appointment request has been rejected, try requesting appointment from a different mentor
Other than the highly valuable information and advice that you receive from the mentors, you can politely ask for referrals for job from the mentors.
The primary aim of the session is to help you with the valuable advice from a Mentor who has first hand experience in the industry. Referral completely depends on the personal choice of the mentor and hence booking an appointment doesn’t guarantee a referral into the company.
You can book your appointment, maximum 7 days in advance and minimum an hour in advance. It is though advisable to book your appointment 2-3 days in advance.
Mentors at Qdero provide the users with free mentoring sessions out of their busy schedules. It is therefore recommended to the users to be clear with their topics of enquiry and extract the most out of the sessions.